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+44 (20) 8089 2466

1024 Budapest, Lövőház street 2-6. (Mammut II. 5th floor, Shopping Centre)

Request a FREE quote with a panoramic x-ray

  1. Send your x-ray taken recently.
  2. Based on the X-ray the dentist will provide a rough estimate
  3. That you will receive by email within 24 hours after the receiption of your X-ray

To get your panoramic X-ray:

  1. Go to your GP, ask him to give you a prescription for a dental panoramic X-ray
  2. Make an appointment in a medical imaging center to take the x-ray (preferably digitalized)
  3. Send us your X-ray image by e-mail

If your x-ray is NOT digital:

  1. Place the x-ray in front of a white screen of your computer (or any other white screen)
  2. Take a digital camera and stand in front of the panoramic X-ray
  3. Take a picture
  4. Send your digital photo by e-mail

If you want to send your x-ray by post, please contact us!

Please note that during a personal examination we may detect problems that are not seen on the X-ray.

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