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Dental conservation

Conservative dentistry is the most important area of dentistry.

Teeth can be damaged by physical or many chemical impacts.

“Conservative dentistry” means any method by which the further deterioration of the damaged teeth is slowed down or prevented.

Dental conservation treatments are for the aiming of teeth and include all procedures that are for the preservation of intact teeth. These treatments are fillings, inlays/onlays, root-canal treatments, scale removal and sealing of fissures.

During dental filling, the dentist scrubs the toothy part of the tooth and then inserts the filler material that is lit by a lamp. To avoid pain, an anesthetic is used. This filling process replaced the former amalgam fillings.

Root treatment belongs to the tooth-retaining treatments, just as important as tooth filling. With the help extending the time by the teeth in mouth.

At MyDentist Budapest Dental Clinic, we strictly use only white filling materials.

These kind of filling can be used for all size of  holes in front teeth and molars.  The filling material strongly sticks to the dental tissue, without gap. All fillings been prepared this way is very durable and looks natural.

An other advantage of the composite – white –  filling that it is bonded under light and the original color and shape of the teeth can be restored perfectly. The filling material is mixed from various colors so that it looks natural like the color of the original tooth, so the filling is almost invisible.

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